The Le Petite skis in action on Lake Tahoe's West Shore, CA.

All photos, unless otherwise noted-Skier: Jillian Raymond, Photos: State of the Backcountry

Gear Review by Jillian Raymond-

This year was my first year skiing on Praxis Skis, and it won’t be my last. Watching local “dudes” rip around on Praxis skis for the past few years in Tahoe created a major “FOMO” for a more female inspired ski that thankfully Praxis made available this season. With over 100 days of use this season, split evenly between inbounds skiing and backcountry touring, the Le Petite’s did not disappoint. No matter what conditions I found, the skis responded favorably.

The Praxis Le Petite skis are smooth on the up, and even better on the down.

As an inbounds ski I found the Le Petit to allow me to maneuver steep bumps, tights trees, groomers, cut-up crud and the glory powder runs. I could really see this being a great all-mountain ski for a majority of women. At 5′ 6″ and 120 lbs, this skis performance was far superior to other “all mountain” skis that I have previously ridden. I know graphics don’t affect performance, but it doesn’t hurt your ski stoke to constantly hear how rad your skis look each time you load the chairlift. The only thing I might personally change is the flex pattern. While the Le Petitie are a completely accessible ski for a lady like myself, there were times I wished they were a touch stiffer. That said, they still gave me what I needed no matter what snow condition I encountered at the resort.

Specs for the Praxis Le Petite skis.

In terms of backcountry performance I mounted my Le Petite’s with Dynafit Vertical ST’s and used Black Diamond Ascension skins. The combination was the best touring setup I’ve ever used. Locally in Lake Tahoe I skied these skis on just about every type of snow available in the backcountry. They fared well in variable terrain, and were always a pleasure in powder. In some of the steeper terrain I skied where the snow was firmer than soft, that was where I wished they were a bit stiffer. However, they still held up every time, and if I get another pair I’d just ask Keith to make them with a stiffer flex pattern. The thing is I know many of my other lady friends strongly dislike stiff skis, so I think what’s currently available with the stock model is perfect for a larger majority of lady rippers.

The Praxis Le Petite skis are a great backcountry touring ski equipped to excel in both powder and spring skiing conditions.

Overall, my experience skiing these skis, no matter inbounds or in the backcountry, was a delight. My biggest thing is that I knew no matter where I ended up, I could trust the boards beneath me. My “FOMO” has been quenched because I feel that I finally have been able to tap into the handcrafted local ski scene, but uniquely as a female skier. The Le Petite are exactly what lady shredders need and I have no doubt that there’s a lot of gals out there that would be more than stoked to get them on the hill. A big thanks to the boys at Praxis for giving us ladies a taste of the good-life.

All in all, the Le Petite skis perform well in every condition you'll find on the mountain, especially in powder.