Sustainable self-sufficiency has never been sexier! If you need a little motivation to start growing your own (food) this video should do it for you:

Woven Roots | Chicken Coop | Tim Cash Music Video from FAR from EARTH Films on Vimeo.

We all know what the #1 crop in Humboldt County happens to be, and it looks like our farmer friends in California have expanded to growing edibles and keeping livestock, as well.

Not coincidentally, healthy food grows healthy bodies and these two Rasta Californicators are fine specimens of humans on a diet free from GMOs, pesticides, artificial additives, and the assorted toxic residues found in most industrially produced food today.

If you’ve ever looked through an old yearbook from the 1970s or 80s. you’ll notice that most people were slim and toned. Have Americans really gotten ridiculously lazy over the last few decades, or is our problem largely due to a toxic diet?!

If you’ve ever wondered why Americans keep getting fatter and sicker, here’s a big hint: you are what you eat. Grow your own and save yourself.

PS: Some people in the PC world of 2012 may be offended by scantily clad women dancing in chicken coops. They might label such activities as “disrespectful.” Judging by the looks of her, it looks like this woman respects herself more than most people do. If you think this is bad, you clearly haven’t seen the satanic shit coming out of mainstream music like Ke$ha’s new video “Die Young.” Keep eating toxic shite, and you’ll find yourself unwittingly taking advice from the likes of Ke$ha.

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