Soul Poles Crafts Bamboo Ski Poles Stylishly

Soul Pole Skier Tatum Monod Rocking Contemporary Bamboo Ski Poles
Recently, at the Stagecoach bar at the bottom of the Teton Pass in Wilson, Wyo. we bumped into Larry from the library. An older gentleman, Larry had been up on the pass on cross country skis harvesting a huge Christmas tree from Phillips Pass. He regaled us with the account of the tree gathering mission and stressed the fact that he was getting “looked up and down” by all the skiers on $1000 skis (and maybe even $1000 ski jackets!). They couldn’t believe I was up there on those old, skinny skis, in 20-year old boots, a bamboo-framed backpack and even bamboo ski poles, he said. “Bamboo ski poles are back,” we said. Soul Poles, a new CleanSnipe merchant is making them with a revived stylishness taking advantage of this eco-friendly and strong material with quite a skiing history.

Bamboo ski poles became popular in the 1930′s, then came steel in the 1940s and early 1950s. In 1958, Ed Scott invented the aluminum ski pole. Now, composite ski poles are lighter and stronger than aluminum poles, but aluminum poles are still popular ski poles in the ski gear market.
soul poles handmade bamboo ski poles
Founded and designed by former U.S. Ski Team racers, Soul Poles is bringing it back around by again using bamboo for its ski poles. The Park City, Utah company aims to innovate the greenest equipment in the snow and sports industry by merging sustainable design with uncompromising performance and truly original style. Each pole is handmade in the USA to provide local employment in Utah and to help reduce emissions that cause climate change threatening our snowy slopes.

Poles are a part of us. They give us balance and stability. They give us Soul. This is the vision of Soul Poles, leading provider of some of the most sustainable, performance-driven, and eco-friendly bamboo ski and trekking poles in the world.

Soul Poles Bamboo Ski Poles Features:

All poles are made of bamboo: a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and rapidly growing renewable resource. Combined with hand-painted designs by R. Nelson Parrish, these poles are both a functional piece of art and resilient piece of ski gear that can take on just about any terrain.

The 100% biodegradable shaft, low VOC paints, and recycled grips, baskets, straps, and tips all add to Soul Poles’ belief in a minimal carbon footprint.

Bring your connection with the outdoors even closer with poles made of materials that are recycled or grown, not mined. The perfect choice for environmentally conscious skiers, fast-growing bamboo absorbs significantly more carbon dioxide and produces more oxygen than any other plant—curbing the polluting greenhouse gases that are warming the planet and threatening our snow.

Coming Soon: Build your Own Bamboo Ski Poles Online

Apparently, in the near future, you can design your own custom bamboo ski poles at the Soul Poles website. Pick your favorite color of the recycled PET plastic grips, pick your paint job and pick your baskets standard (73mm) and powder (95mm) in a variety of colors including: black, blue, turquoise, orange, pink, purple, clear, grey (zero waste). Watch for more info on the website.

Soul Tees, Tanks and Hoodies

Soul Poles also sells apparel, which is made of recycled materials including polyester, cotton, plastic bottles, beer bottles and x-ray film. Created by parent company Soul Sports its lifestyle brand that extends beyond ski poles.

They have a small selection of stylish tees, tanks and hoodies for men and women that seem to have, well, soul.

Soul Poles Sponsored Athletes

  • Alex Schlopy / x games gold medalist, world champion, dew tour champion
  • Ian Macintosh / freeskier/big mountain icon
  • Matty Richard / freeskier/big mountain icon
  • Tatem Monod / freeskier (pictured above)
  • Tessa Treadway / freeskier
  • Austin Ross / freeskier
  • Reggie Crist / x games gold medalist, big mountain icon
  • Brant Moles / big mountain icon

Soul Poles Social Responsibility

  • Soul Poles will donate 1% of proceeds to POW through 1% for the Planet
  • Soul Poles is partnered with Recycle Utah to promote and educate the recycling of ski equipment
  • Soul Poles Uses renewable, sustainable and recycled materials and is conscious of its carbon footprint

Soul Poles Trekking Poles

Soul Poles trekking poles
Soul Poles also makes trekking poles for times when there’s no snow, but you still need some gravity change.

Trekking poles are a great way to reduce wear and tear on your body, especially active knees. Bamboo poles make for a great companion on hikes or while traveling.