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Men's Merino Phase Sock
Men's Merino Phase Sock

Located thousands of feet underground, the Burton secret sock lab is constantly pushing the envelope of what is expected and understood about snowboard sock technology. Buried deep within that lab lays Burtons super secret sock lab, which is where snowboardings most advanced sock, the Burton Merino Phase Sock, was created. Pieced together using discarded submersible space technology and some scrap hyperbaric chamber parts, the lightweight Merino Phase is a blend of the most advanced features and materials known to sock science. These include, but are not limited to super insulating Merino Wool, stretchy nylon, and climate controlling NanoGLIDE. DRYRIDE Venting Toe Panels are like the dual overhead cams of socks, wicking away heat-robbing sweat with turbo-charged efficiency. Going one step further, the Merino Phase is also engineered with anatomical padding and an ergonomic MotionFit, which our sources tell us, will allow you to carve quicker, land flatter, ollie higher, and hike higher. The future is now, get some.
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