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Steep and Cheap is a website that sells premium outdoor gear and clothing at amazingly discounted prices. Steep and Cheap sells one great gear deal at a time until is gone. The Deals sell out fast. Here at cleansnipe if you miss a deal on steep and cheap we give you a second chance to buy at 40% off ! We also allow you to sign up for email and text deal alerts. So next time the gear you are looking for shows up on steep and cheap you can own it !

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Silver Ridge II Shirt - Long-Sleeve - Boys'
Silver Ridge II Shirt - Long-Sleeve - Boys'

Prepare your son for a foray into the field or forest with the Columbia Boys' Silver Ridge II Long-Sleeve Shirt. This explorer-style shirt's lightweight mini-rip fabric offers UPF 30-rated protection
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CleanSnipe gives you a second chance on deals you just missed. Most are still available on for at least a 40% discount.

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